Staffing Checks For Construction-Based License Renewal And Trainings

Consequences of Inadequate Training and Failed License Renewal

Although requirements differ from region to region, every respectable government issues some measure of construction-focused licensing and training requirements. It is about making certain that the people and entities involved in the construction or improvement of homes, offices and other building structures are qualified and certified to perform the associated work. The same requirements hold true for those working in grading, public utilities, trucking and other structural contractor work. License requirements may differ between roles such as that of the general contractor as compared to a task-specific subcontractor. However, the consequences for failing to renew your particular license before the expiration date can be very severe. Depending on your location, failure to renew your license may result in several complications, including the following:

  • Your license renewal is considered delinquent
  • The break in renewal timing may result in a loss of business
  • Delinquent license renewal results in additional renewal fees
  • The span of renewal will likely be limited from date of acceptable renewal to the balance of the current renewal period
  • Furthermore, all work performed without an active license is defined as unlicensed contracting and may result in disciplinary action.

In this article, we discuss how the Assignar construction operations management software can help you remain compliant in training and licenses.

Training and License Renewal Management Made Simple

The Assignar asset and workforce management platform utilizes cloud-based communications, auditing and reporting to fulfill the license compliance needs of highly regulated industries. Designed to deliver increased information distribution efficiency at significant management cost savings, Assignar enables full-featured real-time workforce training and license reminders, assurance and reliability. It is the simple way to collect, monitor and manage detailed workforce license and training documentation. With Assignar, your reporting process ensures that you know who is due for updated training or license renewal in 2018 as well as those years yet to come.

Assignar offers extensive document management, including documentation to ensure proper workforce training and up-to-date license renewals. This automated process revolves around whole-team accountability and involvement. Features include:

Automated Form Collection

As workers complete necessary forms, Assignar automates the collection, storage and visibility permissions. Contractors use the resource to build customized forms suitable to training and license renewal as well as all other individual business requirements.

Reliable Document Updates

Use of a customized Competency matrix helps ensure that you obtain ISO certification. It’s a unique single version system linked to documented compliance, training and worker’s licenses. It is available at all times, and includes automated real-time worker reminders when a document, license or certificate expires.

Prevent unnecessary complications. But if issues do occur, use the Assignar Competency matrix to ensure that it never happens again. Automate your forms. Establish real-time reminders. Avert health and safety violations, training issues and failed license renewals.

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