SafeWork NSW Construction Safety Crackdown Expensive For Wayward Australia Firms

Updated on May 6th, 2022

SafeWork NSW Crackdown On Australia Construction Safety Violations Results In Over $800,000 In Fines and Prosecutions

In a driven effort to reduce and control construction safety violations within the Australia construction industry, SafeWork NSW has issued over $800,000 in penalties and prosecutions, since November of 2017.
The initial crackdown began in November 2017. Preliminary feedback is already in process and inspection results clearly indicate a necessity for more comprehensive worksite safety enforcement measures in all lines of construction operations in Australia. Thus, far during the course of the crackdown, SafeWork NSW inspectors have uncovered wide-ranging failures in safety management pertaining to falls and heights. In fact, Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Better Regulation, says that height related incidents are the top killer on NSW construction sites.

SafeWork NSW Construction Safety Crackdown Designed To Provide Australian Construction Workers and Their Families With Sense Of Reassured Safety

Since the beginning of the crackdown, SafeWork inspectors have laboured long and hard to ensure that construction firms are held accountable for failure to meet defined Australian construction workplace safety obligations. In fact, this safety crackdown marks a first in that SafeWork inspectors are empowered to issue up to $3,600 in on-the-spot violation fines. According to Mr Kean, the core focus is simple: “Every worker who leaves for work in the morning, returns home safely to their family at night.”

Australia Construction Safety, Protecting Company And Workers

Face It. Keeping up with safety can be tough, especially for construction companies in Australia that are still clinging to the era of pen-to-paper construction management solutions, which is no solution at all. Yet, most Australian construction firms already have access to the hardware that makes simplified safety management and safety auditing possible: computers, mobile construction communications and Internet access.

So why leave your safety compliance to the mercy of an excel spreadsheet? And why leave worker safety in the realm of paperwork limbo?

Available to you right now is our construction operations management software that provides:

  • 1 click scheduling that sees you schedule your crew and allocate equipment in seconds
  • Real-time communication from the office to the field
  • All your crews current and expiring competencies at your fingertips
  • Digital timesheets and dockets, with e-signatures and geo-location to ensure your crew are clocking in and out at the jobsite instead of other non-assigned location
  • Compliance checklists accessible via our mobile app
  • Insights into asset utilisation and maintenance
  • Custom reporting

It’s called the Assignar Jobsite Safety Compliance module. Australia safety crackdowns are necessary, but your construction firm need not come up guilty. Take your free trial of Assignar today.

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