Introducing New Features for More Flexible, Accurate Scheduling & Time-Tracking

Updated on June 2nd, 2023

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Get to scheduling faster, track time more flexibly, and easily share that data with your ERP and accounting systems.

Here’s the latest from our Q4 2022 Product Release:


New Time Tracking

We updated our Time Tracking functionality to combine various time-tracking methods into one consistent, straightforward process that is flexible enough to suit how you track time in the field.

Whether your supervisors or workers track time, the new Time Tracking gives you more reliable real-time data from the field through easy-to-learn workflows designed for workers to spend the least amount of time on the app possible.


Watch How It Works


Direct Role Assignment

We’ve improved our Role & Equipment Scheduling!

Automatically assign roles to your equipment when onboarding and assign them to however many roles they’re needed for. Find the workers and equipment that can do a particular job in one place.

The result?

  • Assign workers and equipment to trades faster
  • Start scheduling quicker
  • Greater flexibility when assigning machines to jobsites




Introducing the Integrations Hub!

Easily flow data from Assignar to 3rd party cloud solutions, like ERP and accounting systems, with our new integrations’ capability! 


Beginning with Acumatica, we’re making integrations easy to set up and use, flexible and customizable, with visibility into what data is synching and when.

Why integrate with Assignar?

  • Only work with the most up-to-date data 
  • Less re-entry and copy/pasting across systems
  • Save time running payroll 
  • Reduce human error from repetitive data entry