Powerful Apps for construction project managers in 2017

Updated on October 25th, 2022

Gone are the days when a construction project manager keeps track of a project using a voluminous amount of Excel spreadsheets. Assignar is software specially designed to help companies in tightly regulated industries, like construction, work more efficiently and keep in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations governing them.

About Assignar

It begins with an operations dashboard from which all aspects of the business are run. When signed into the Assignar Dashboard, construction managers access a complete solution for construction operations. Tasks controlled from the dashboard include:

  • Plan projects and orders
  • Automated reminders for expiration dates
  • Assign workforce and assets
  • Manage suppliers
  • Collaborate with every team member
  • Invoice clients
  • Simplify scheduling, dispatch, timesheet activities, data collection, and communication with employees working on job sites
  • Customize reports from your construction operations

Data Integration

In addition to Assignar, construction companies need a robust accounting program and drawing sharing programs like Autocad 360. With these three programs;

  1. Assignar
  2. An accounting package
  3. Autocad 360

Nearly all construction company management can be done with these programs and Assignar can integrate with them. So, what are the benefits of this high-degree of integration?

Accounting Integration

Many accounting programs have already been integrated with Assignar and include:

  • Quickbooks
  • MYOB
  • Xero
  • Sage CRE 330

You will be able to:

  • Invoice Customers & Manage Your Payroll – Automatically import workers’ pay rates, equipment charges, and overhead charges.
  • Manage Pay Rates – Assignar allows you to import all your workers’ pay rates by individual worker or a group of workers. All the rules and rates input apply automatically every payday.
  • Create Invoices – Assignar automatically matches employee timesheets with the right pay rate. When invoicing a client all payroll information automatically is added to the customer’s invoice.
  • Export Invoices – Once you create an invoice in Assignar you can easily export it to the accounting program of your choice.


CAD 360 Integration

If you want to view, edit, create, and collaborate on AutoCAD drawings, you can share Autocad drawings through Assignar. This makes for simplified site visits and field work as CAD 360 has design review and markup tools. upload, distribute and open 2D DWG files right from assignar messages and lets you see all aspects of your DWG file. This includes viewing of:

  • Outside references
  • Layers
  • Image underlays

Operation management

Assignar is a workforce and asset allocation and planning tool for the project managers in construction.  As part of each worker’s file, Assignar allows construction companies to attach construction drawings and site documents that are applicable to the project. Assignar improves communication between the office and workers.

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