Materials and Construction Takeoff, The Basics

What Do We Mean When Talking Construction Takeoff?

Construction and material takeoff, sometimes tagged merely construction take off, pertains to a particular type of estimating process. The core of the takeoff aims to enable contractors with the tools necessary for promotion of an effective, efficient and profitable business model. The primary function of the takeoff process involves reducing and simplifying paperwork while enhancing active job engagement. The materials and construction take off process involves three primary areas of control:

  1. Materials and their relevant treatment and application
  2. Construction specifics, modus operandi and procedures
  3. AND Methods for takeoff of material quantities required for the stated purpose.

The presented material takeoff course of action revolves around a TAKEOFF CHECK LIST. By presenting estimators with a logical step-by-step course of action, the materials and construction take off checklist helps ensure that the estimate does not come up short on any factor of material as needed for successful completion in the associated construction operation.

Typically, arrangement within the TAKEOFF CHECK LIST is ordered to match the construction sequence of the project. However, the cost savings gained through the practice of group material purchasing gives cause for exception to the rule of order and sequencing.

Construction Takeoff, The Essential Layout

To break it down to essential functions, a TAKEOFF CHECKLIST is merely a count of material as necessary for crafting a given project. As such, a construction takeoff would include counts in the likes of how many:

  • Feet of electrical wiring
  • Light fixtures
  • Studs
  • Wye joints
  • And other materials necessary for job-specific completion.

Construction and Material Take off, Pitfalls

Although extremely valuable to the job costing process, beginning with a great TAKEOFF CHECKLIST is not end of all complications and pitfalls. Even the best-derived takeoff list cannot anticipate the complexities in design that can and do increase the cost of project labor. Therefore, experienced construction estimators learn how to adjust material prices according to anticipated shifts in market prices. Furthermore, they recognize the need for crafting the construction takeoff in conjunction with other construction operations management tools.

In the end, maintaining a reasonable company profit depends on crafting the take off checklist into and alongside flexible real-time software that can incorporate the price and management of real-world daily changes into ever aspect of the project operations. Digital construction operation tools simplify and enhance the construction takeoff process. It’s all about moving data in the quickest but least expensive method. Shifting your takeoff information into a digital bidding or quotation program opens windows into a whole new style of advanced construction takeoff reliability.

By using tools such as the Assignar 2018 Construction Equipment Management Program modern construction firms reap the benefits of automated generation of materials and construction takeoff resources. Take a test ride today. Experience the advantage of using Assignar Project Estimation Software.


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