Integrated Mobile Tech Enhances Project Efficiency and Productivity

Integrated Mobile Tech Core Goal For Current and Future Contractor Investments

According to the JB Knowledge sixth annual Construction Technology Report, three major technology three primary trends bare the most impact on the 2018 building industry: 1) Automation, 2) Data security, and 3) Digital modeling. The source survey queried construction firms in matters pertaining to current and future goals associated with:

  • Advanced data security
  • Adoption and integration of emerging technologies
  • Applied technology
  • Research and development programs
  • Operations management software and apps
  • IT budget and staffing
  • AND Strategies for making the best use of mobile device communication features.

Now all these goals overlap under the primary heading of construction-focused operations and management technology. And the components are so closely knitted as to make it impossible to discuss one without mentioning the others. In the article we focus on how integrated mobile technology can enhance and improve project efficiency and productivity.

Mobile Technology Widely Accepted As A Tool For Communications Yet Widely Ignored As A Tool For Data Management

In an industry widely known for clinging to older methods of data accumulation, data sharing and data analytics, the use of mobile tech for communication is already widely accepted. In fact, most studies indicate that 80% of construction contractors take advantage of mobile devices. Problem is, more often than not, the communications are limited to voice conversations, text messages and photo sharing. Yet, it is the missing component that prevents contractors from making full use of mobile device technology. They have failed to adopt the software and other tools that enable integration of the current emerging construction-applied technologies.
In using mobile technology merely as a communication device, contractors forfeit the advanced features of the tech. We have in our possession a tool that can not only improve workforce communication and information exchange, but that can also help in the:

  • Capture
  • Tracking
  • Sharing
  • Reporting
  • Organization
  • AND Application of information.

Mobile Tech Enhances Project Reliability and Productivity

When integrated into professional construction operations management software, mobile technology can improve project efficiency and productivity. We know that measuring workforce productivity is not an easy task. Too many variables come into play. Yet the importance of accurate productivity tracking cannot be overstated. Access to reliable reporting, records and compilation can make the difference between project profits and project losses.
It’s all about having information at hand that enables management to calculate expected income, gauge man hours and then accurately compute man-hour productivity. By itself, mobile tech cannot enable such power but when integrated into a tool designed to enable contractors to take control of Construction Worker Productivity on the Job Site, you can reap great improvements in project reliability, efficiency and productivity.

Assignar: Construction Software With Built-In Mobile Tech Functionality

Assignar transforms the process by which construction companies connect with projects, workers, contractors and subcontractors. Our state-of-the-art construction software will help your company manage workflow by enabling the underlying powers of mobile technology, computer resources other digital operations control software.
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