How Big Data is Transforming the Construction Industry Part #2

Are you using Big Data in your construction business?

Big Data is the result of advances in technology and innovation. In Part #1 we looked at the 5 areas in which Big Data is transforming the construction industry including project insights, predictive analytics, problem aversion, benchmarking, and reporting.
Big Data is helping the construction industry move into the 21st century. By capturing the data through a digital platform like Assignar, construction companies are able to analyze the information coming from the site and make real-time business decisions based on what is actually happening.

In Part #2 we dive deeper into visualization and optimization of the data that is collected from the field and from projects.

Big Data is one of the key factors that is transforming the construction industry and the way in which managers make decisions. They can now make factual and data-driven business decisions by having systems and platforms like Assignar in place to capture, track and measure what is happening in reality.

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