Digital Construction Daily Reports, Tool of Choice for Successful Foremen

Why Foremen Run Their Operations with Digital Construction Daily Reports

If there was an efficient, effective and professionally designed foreman app for producing accurate and reliable digital construction daily reports, would you ignore the possibilities of simplified success?

In this age of real-time mobile communications, access to integrated tools designed to activate the full potential of daily logs cannot be ignored. It’s about simplified compiling, tracking and analyzing daily processes, patterns, and other key project activities. It comes in the format of a digitized Daily Log Foreman App. It strips away complex methodology, eliminates redundant entry and enables widespread platform information distribution and sharing.

The question is not ‘Why such software is used,’ but rather it is ‘Why your foremen are not using Digital Construction Daily Reports.”

Essential Benefits of a Construction Foremen App for Daily Reports

How can a daily log app for foremen enhance the process of construction daily reports? To answer this question, think in terms of:

  • Digital communications via mobile devices and more
  • Capturing and sharing images and other data
  • Quickly adding in details about potential safety issues and other daily work processes
  • The efficiency of real-time email exchanges
  • Automatic real-time updating of existing records
  • Integrated connections with the Assignar construction operations management software package
  • AND Much More.

Core Data Collected Within Our Digital Construction Daily Reports App

Inaccurate data is worthless. So is too much or too little data. In many aspects, every construction client and project stand alone, faced by unique complications, expectations and special circumstances. However, certain data fields are common to almost every job. Herein is a sample of the data collected within our daily log Construction Foremen App:

  • Dates, and sometimes more than one
  • Site weather conditions
  • Number of workers and hours worked
  • Hours missed due to hostile environments
  • Physical conditions of the job site and notations on how such conditions affect productivity
  • Availability or lack thereof concerning equipment, personnel, and other resources
  • Status of work-in-process, work deferred, and work completed
  • Status of inventory, delivery schedules, and quantities
  • Delays, disruptions and other activities that hinder the process of scheduled activities
  • Risk assessment to track and help prevent potential current and future delays  
  • Safety and environmental incidents, records and preventive measures
  • Photo attachments
  • Meetings, purposes thereof, and the associated outcomes
  • Special communications with clients, subs and your onsite workforce
  • Relevant notes and comments

The Assignar digital construction daily reports tool is an easy to use Foremen App that integrates into the number one construction operations management software base. Track variation claims. Reduce project delays. Make sure your workers and subs get paid and make certain that your return on investment comes in as a profit instead of a negative.

Find out why so many foremen choose the Assignar Digital Construction Daily Reports App.

Get your Assignar Demo here.

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