Construction Project Delays – How To Keep Up The Spirit Of Progress

Retaining The Spirit of Progress In The Wake Of Construction Project Delays

Few things affect the spirit of progress so much as a lack of task completion due to an abundance of construction project delays. When taken one-by-one, such slowdowns and roadblocks can seem too small for concern. Yet as things accumulate, and one delay leads to a second delay, the frustrations eventually crash the overall sense of active forward movement.

It can start with too many employees calling in sick, or perhaps an overall shortage in skilled workers. Maybe the delays are due to other projects running behind which in turn hinder currently scheduled subcontractors. No matter the cause, the delays result in missed project schedules, ill tempers and the spirit of progress gives way to the spirit of blame, resistance and mundane responses.

Perhaps the following tips will help put the spirit of progress back into your construction operations.

How To Keep Up The Spirit On Delayed Construction Projects

In November of 1937, Victorian Railways open the railway to The Spirit of Progress, a new standard in passenger train comfort, speed and reliability. Using multiple advanced control systems, this world-class train system exemplified the forward movement of technology, mechanics and determination.

This is motivation: The knowing that your work is worthwhile, successful and useful.

Yet even with The Spirit of Progress, such forward movement is not limited to the process of advancing technology. It’s more about high moral due to success in daily decisions, actions and applications. It is the spirit of hope and determination combined with the spirit of satisfaction, a way of thinking that is most often confirmed via verbal and visual evidence that your labors have a purpose that will eventually produce a payday.

Use the following pointers as a guideline to help address the anger, frustration and sense of defeat that can result when too many construction project delays begin to accumulate:

Make The Solution A Team Effort

The spirit of helplessness offends the spirit of progress. Do not leave the frontline workforce on the sideline. Do not let good ideas go unspoken. Pull in the team. Request suggestions. Set up daily Toolbox Talks. Be open to multiple thought lines. When workers are permitted to contribute in a positive manner, the spirit of helplessness will flee the scene. When management actually makes use of an employee brainstorm, you evidence that their job is worthwhile, successful and useful.

Replace Preferential Treatment With Transparent Management

Never enable favoritism to become a cause for delays in construction project schedules. It will wreck havoc on innovation, aggressive work habits and the spirit of progress, Transparency provides opportunity for employees to realize success in career advancement. Define the paths to promotion, better training and higher salaries, and then hold fast to the parameters.

Activate a System For Bonuses

Home-based financial burdens can crush employee on-the-job hopes, plans and the spirit of progress. And sometimes construct project delays result in a cutback in work hours. Thus comes the double-whammy:

Things go bad at home even as things go bad at work. Who can find hope in such darkness?

Consider establishing a site bonus system so as to ensure your workforce enjoys a decent, fair and honest personal life. It’s about appreciation, providing financial incentive, and building up the spirit of progress in advance of the complications associated with delays in the project.

Best Solution – Eliminate Construction Project Delays

The Victorian Railways The Spirit of Progress project made great use of the available technology of the time. Modern construction contractors have the same opportunities and possibilities. Eliminating the causes for construction project delays still remains the best way to retain the spirit of progress within your workforce.

Take advantage of the Assignar real-time mobile management solutions for construction contractors. It is the spirit of progress for modern construction operations.

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