2017 – The Construction Industry Is Adopting Mobile Applications

Updated on March 24th, 2022

Mobile applications: It seems the possibilities and opportunities are endless. And each day tends to bring even more expansion and options. It’s enough to make one wonder why the construction industry has been so long in making an aggressive shift into the technology that now drives mobile communications, Cloud-based resources and customized organizational management software.

Merging Mobile Applications Into Modern Construction Operations

From 2010 and on, the construction industry has grown more and more forceful in favor of merging with modern technology. From drivers to hourly workers, mobile-based scanning is helping many construction companies gain an edge in keeping up with billable hours, delivery schedules, and much more.

The future promises even great transformation in all aspects of construction, including residential construction, office construction and commercial construction. So… What are some of the benefits and procedures associated with a mobile-based construction operation?

3 Factors That Make Mobile Applications More Attractive To The Construction Industry

1) Popularity of Mobile Communications

Studies by IDG Research Services reveal that more than 80% of the surveyed construction professionals have engagement with mobile technology as a priority goal-marker. And why not? After all, the capacity of immediate communication rapid-fires the recording of and exchange of:

  • General construction documentation management
  • Details concerning licensing, quality control and safety certifications
  • Feedback on current and planned worker status as well as machine maintenance schedules
  • Drawings and project planning updates
  • Client to contractor email communications
  • AND so much more.

2) Efficiency of Mobile Technology

Imagine instant access to daily reports from workers, equipment operators and project supers. Mobile technology enables real-time recording, tracking and analyzing of current jobsite activities, including critical matters of safety and employee health. No more time wasted on return trips to an office fax machine. No more excuses for missing scheduled equipment maintenance, safety meetings, or changed work hours.

3) Accuracy of Applied Mobile Technology

Eliminate the time lag between activity and activity reports and you will gain better accuracy within those reports. Eliminate the errors of overlooked items that should have been in your field report and you will perhaps reduce costly delays, prevent missed schedules, and even craft better daily work plans.

Add in the features of automated mobile-based GPS time stamping and you end up with indisputable data accuracy. This means a reduction in disputes as well as possible avoidance of future legal problems.

Make Mobile Technology A Reality In Your Construction Business

A mobile-based construction organization management solution enables superior performance accuracy as well as data accuracy. Instant messaging delivers immediate jobsite feedback. Get on board now. It’s mainstream construction. Experience improved organizational productivity, real-time communications and the benefits of a Cloud-based digital operations system.

Learn more about how mobile technology can work for your construction firm. Check out the Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning software package. It’s mobile technology wrapped in precision construction management software.

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