Assignar Introduces New Platform Features to Improve Construction Operations

Assignar Introduces New Platform Features to Improve Construction Operations

We’ve made it even easier to bring your operations online, schedule confidently, and understand how your business in a new way.

Here’s the latest from our September product release:

Assignar in 45

We know that many operations systems aren’t intuitive or user-friendly, so our new onboarding helps you get started and get the most out of Assignar – quicker.

Learn about the workflows that streamline operations. Assignar can do a lot, but at its core, our platform helps you stay on top of your construction projects and resource them more efficiently.

Learn more about Assignar in 45.

Assisted Import

Get your resources into our system faster, so you can start scheduling and get building. Learn more about Assisted Data Import.


We’ve made this process easier than ever. Just upload, map, and correct your data. Assignar is smart, and understands data even when you might call it something different. So, you’ll instantly know where important information is missing and how to fix it.

A few of the key benefits of this feature are:

  • Less data clean up and spreadsheet transformation, we help you do it during the process

  • A guided experience, helps users easily get their data matched up to the assignar platform.

  • Automatic Mapping speeds the process even further, using AI the system gets smarter as you use it pre-matching columns for you so all you have to do is confirm the mapping.

  • Automatic error detection, helps the user clean up any issues found along the way such as missing data or duplicates.

Signals, Shift Drawer, and Assignments

When scheduling, there’s a lot to keep track of. Let Assignar do the thinking for you. Learn more about Assignar Signals for Scheduling.


Scheduling in Assignar has just become a whole lot better with new Signals.  Signals help you identify issues in your schedule whether you have an availability issue with a worker / machine or a compliance related issue.  Now Assignar signals are surfaced right on your project timeline, letting you easily see when there is an issue and making those issues with your schedule easier to fix.

Insights: Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Take all the data you collect from running your business and turn it into valuable insights with just a few clicks.


Receive real-time reports or dive deeper into historical data to understand your business better. You can choose how you want to see your data or use one of our templates. Either way, you’ll find the answers you need quickly with the new Insights Landing Page.

New Templates to Try This Month:

  • Worker Utilization: notice trends in how you schedule your workers
  • Progress Tracking: track quantities onsite to know the status of a job
  • Payroll: easily export schedule data into payroll software
  • Asset List: export and share information about your assets
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