Arm your business for the fast-tracked construction projects across Australia

Arm your business for the fast-tracked construction projects across Australia

State Governments across Australia are banding together in fast-tracking projects and releasing infrastructure stimulus packages for a building works blitz. The sentiment is the same across the board – investment in construction is vital in boosting the economy from the impacts of COVID-19.
Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison emphasised that the construction industry “keeps the economy going; it keeps people in work; it keeps supporting people through this (pandemic)”.

Major Projects fast-tracked per state

New South Wales

  • Snowy 2.0 – Main Works – (budget $4.6 billion) – 2,000 jobs
  • Bankstown LEP – (budget $32.6 million) – 332 jobs
  • Mt Druitt CBD – (budget $1.49 billion) – 2988 jobs

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  • $382 million for upgrades, maintenance and new experiences at tourism destinations including 50 kilometres of mountain bike trails in the Ararat Hills and upgrades at the Gippsland Lakes
  • Transport spending including 300km of regional track improvements, repairs at more than 15 train stations, more maintenance on trains and trams, local pier upgrades along the coast and $328 million for resurfacing and patching roads

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Western Australia

  • Bunbury Outer Ring Road – (budget $852 million) – 4,500 jobs
  • Leach Highway Welshpool Road Interchange – (budget $93 million) – 600 jobs
  • Fremantle Traffic Bridge – (budget $230 million) – 1,400 jobs

Fast-tracked WA project list


  • $1 billion M1 Varsity Lakes to Tugun – 850 jobs (for the entire project)
  • $812 million Bruce Highway upgrade from Caloundra Road to the Sunshine Motorway – 680 jobs
  • $662 million Bruce Highway Caboolture to Steve Irwin Way early works – 664 jobs (for the entire project)
  • $514 million Haughton River Floodplain project at Giru, 40km south of Townsville – 544 jobs

Full list of upcoming Queensland projects

South Australia

  • $52 million for targeted regional road network repair and improvement, including on the Stuart Highway, Yorke Highway, Dukes Highway and Riddoch Highway
  • $35 million to rehabilitate and resurface the South Eastern Freeway between the Tollgate and Crafers
  • $12 million for a higher capacity North-South Freight Route by-passing Adelaide

South Australia projects here


$9.75 million in works has been committed to upgrade and build new footpaths, improve road safety, upgrade waste and transport facilities and undertake landscaping in open spaces. Upcoming projects include:

  • Canberra Central footpath and cycle path upgrade
  • Speed humps in Tuggeranong
  • Pedestrian crossing in Belconnen
  • Road safety improvement in Woden/Weston Creek

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Business readiness for the boom

The Government has clearly shown its trust and investment in the construction industry. Now is the time to take a step back and look at your business from afar. Look at how you navigated using technology for meetings, communication and why now is a great time to look at enhancing your systems and processes with the right technology. Start by asking yourself one question, what efficiencies can I gain from looking at a cloud-based system?
More and more self-perform and subcontractors are adopting digitised systems to remove bottlenecks in their business. The construction industry is riddled with manual and paper-based processes that lead to project delays and business inefficiencies.
CEO of Sydney Civil, Adrian Murad stated that “as our work is activity-based, Assignar’s forms module allows us to set those targets, measure if the team is meeting those targets and how we can further improve the process. With Assignar, we have saved on the time we spent chasing up, finding and filing of the physical documents. Everything now is digital and instantaneous!”

“Since implementing Assignar we have seen a 30% improvement in our operational efficiencies across the organisation.”

Assignar is an operations platform that allows contractors to schedule crews and equipment whilst managing compliance and asset maintenance. The platform was built with self-perform and subcontractors in mind and currently supports over 500 companies in the industry. Digitising crucial jobsite paperwork such as timesheets, dockets, site diaries and safety forms has seen construction companies not only streamline their processes but also provide a competitive advantage. Given the substantial amount of fast-tracked projects, is your business ready to handle the upcoming work?

Discover why more and more contractors are going digital


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