See Assignar in Action

Assignar enables

teams to focus on construction.

Spend more time on doing and winning work,

less on admin.

Reduce risk and error rate

No more lost paperwork, incomplete or double entry data.

Up-to-date, digitally captured data reduces risk and has you covered legally should an incident occur.

Reduce human error and risk from the operations process. Provide vital documentation, proof of work or signed authority with a digital audit trail.

Scheduling calendar gives complete transparency across your entire workforce and inventory. Don’t have your workers sent home on-site because they aren’t inducted or compliant.

“We’ve got to make sure all our paperwork is done. That’s where Assignar comes in, and it is really good for us.”

– Andrew, Solution Plant Hire

Connected data gives instant access to the status of every worker or asset’s qualification, certification, compliance and availability.

Ellimate resource allocation errors. Avoid no-shows and always have the best resources allocated to each project and task.

Avoid timesheet discrepancies, easily measure and validate productivity to assess any risks in advance. Accurate, real-time input lets you stay on top of budgets and charge the customer the correct amount.

Improve safety and quality

Automated mobile safety data collection and alerts improve safety on the jobsite.

“Assignar has been the pivotal piece of software we have used to implement paperless safety systems.”

– Ronnie, WHS Manager – Primebuild

Workers submit vital information from anywhere, anytime on their mobile phone enabling quick response times to take action as required.

Notifications ensure forms are filled out correctly and on time by the right person.

Workers can focus on completing jobs to the highest quality without the disruption and frustration of having to visit the site office to fill out paperwork that can be lost.

Easily assess what equipment is not performing or maintained to standard at all times.

Finish projects within budget and meet deadlines

“With the implementation of Assignar we had the opportunity to review our processes, master data, reporting, structure, etc. and improve quality and productivity while reducing the time to invoice our customers.”

– David, Systems Manager – Workzone Traffic Control

Tracking and assessing real-time productivity information gives foresight and flexibility to take action and make any necessary changes to your schedule, budget or delivery timeline as you work.

Provide detailed data-driven production timeline and material cost forecasts.

Eliminate any unforeseen last minute surprises for your client, and plan ahead to increase profitability by tracking project costs.

“Assignar has helped us with job costing. Assignar gives us and our customer a lot more clarity of what is being invoiced.”

– Anthony, Manngroup

Deliver superior service to your clients. Real-time flow of data allows you to be responsive in providing valuable information, assess and better manage workers, assets and projects.

Produce custom reports to promote and validate your industry experience and grow your professional reputation in the industry.

Provide staff with easy to use, technically advanced tools that help them successfully deliver stress-free.

Leaner, smarter, scalable operations translate to improved profit margins for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Improve reputation and profit margin

Improve your reputation for excellence. Provide more accurate quotes and set real results-driven expectations with your clients.

Track and learn from previous projects to better predict time and resources needed to complete projects successfully, eliminate any shortfalls and increase your profit margin.