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Track and manage your equipment fleet

Schedule maintenance reports, conduct and collect machine pre-starts & other checklists in real time. Visualise data, manage corrective actions, remain compliant, and obtain a more profitable fleet.

Maintain, allocate, audit, comply, track, and invoice

Sub and General Contractors use Assignar to manage their entire equipment fleet

Keep your fleet well maintained

A complete solution to manage plant and equipment

Managed risk

Reducing financial losses, improving health and safety, logs and audits result in reduced liabilities such as insurance premiums, fines and penalties.

Improved services and outputs

Assuring the performance of assets leads to improved services or products that consistently exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders.

Demonstrated compliance

Transparently conforming with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adhering to asset management standards, policies and processes, enable demonstration of compliance.

Improved sustainability

Effectively managing short and long-term effects, expenditures and performance, can improve the sustainability of operations and the organization.

Improved efficiency

Reviewing and improving processes, procedures and asset performance can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and the achievement of organizational objectives.

Allocations and tracking

Track where assets are and allocate them to new jobs. Include attachements to make sure machinery is on site on time and operable.

“Great product with so many user friendly options and features. Always discovering wonderful options and fields that make life easier and more productive. Prompt reliable backup, never have I been let down!”

– Damien, Solution Plant Hire

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