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Here’s how we’ll help your team smoothen your operation process.


During bidding. Start or edit a Project / Job

Quickly check the availability and qualifications of your workers & assets, as well as any special requirements for the job.


Preparation: Schedule & allocate tasks & forms

Create a work order, allocate your assets, workers, suppliers, tasks & forms (ie. safety checks) to the Project. Once set up, workers can confirm shifts via App, or you can send bulk email or SMS to request shift confirmations.


On site communication; Start / during the Project

Collect timesheets, dockets & forms from the field, in real-time from our Fieldworker mobile app. Everything is stored in one place. Monitor with customizable reports, data visualization and Excel exports. Eliminate paperwork and never lose job information again!


Convert Project data into an invoice & payroll

Apply pay rates for workers according to pay rules (ie. Prevailing wages in the US, EBA/awards in Australia). Add other charges, like machine deliveries/floats, materials & quantities + hourly charges to the invoice. Then push that data into your accounting system.


Accounting system integration. Get paid accurately and timely

Generate a complete and accurate invoice with all supporting information. Send invoices into your accounting system and then send the invoice to your customer payment. No more excuses for payment holdups!

Get everything you need to streamline operations, improve jobsite safety and asset maintenance.

Connect Assignar and your accounting software to save time, and reduce errors.

A full stack of products to manage workforce, assets, and compliance.

Increase project profitability

Workforce: A better connection between the field and office.

Improve workforce utilisation rate by scheduling available and skilled workers to the right job. In an all-in-one calendar view, you can switch allocations around, communicate with groups or individual workers and avoid clashes of tasks.

Retrieve information from the field while avoiding double data entry, your workforce has access to online forms and information gets send straight to the right person. With the fieldworker app, your workers can also submit timesheets. With a single click workers attach dockets and other relevant documents. You’ll never have to chase timesheets or lose a single docket again.

Process timesheets including payrate rules and form submission data automatically. Set rules for where your data should go, Assignar will automatically populate the data for you to generate invoices, payrolls and reports.

Assets: Maintain Fleet quality and obtain ISO 55000 certification.

You’ve invested a lot in your fleet, keeping your fleet well maintained is instant return on investment but it requires some serious organisation skills. With Assignar workers can fill out a machine pre-start form, you can set notifications for machine maintenance and keep a maintenance log.

Mix and match your machines with the right operators. Set license and document requirements for each piece of equipment. When scheduling assets and workers to jobs, you’ll only see the available workers with the required licenses.

Compliance: A systematic approach to remain compliant 365 days of the year.

Keeping documents current is crucial for contractors striving to obtain ISO 9001 certification. Making sure all workers are compliant and well trained requires constant monitoring. With Assignar, you can set reminders and notifications for expiries, keeping your workforce compliant at all times.

Workers receive notification on their phone when a document is about to expire. Avoid getting sent home and make sure workers and the service you deliver are of the highest possible quality standards.

When a project requires you to work with subcontractors and other suppliers, you are 100% in control of their compliance as well.

Collect timesheets

Use the fieldworker app to collect timesheets. All timesheets will be stored in Assignar for you to approve and export to your accounting software.

Build custom forms

Collect safety reviews, machine pre starts, annual leave request forms, and more, with the Fieldworker App.

Realtime communication

Reduce wasted time on phone calls. Group workers, suppliers, clients, and other contacts to send bulk emails and sms.

Manage Suppliers

A complete supplier management tool. to manage workers, assets, costs & scheduling.

Receive compliance alerts

Keep your documents, licenses and certificates current. With fully customizable alerts and reminder you never miss and expiry again.

Plan and allocate

Get more value from your workforce by allocating competent and available workers to the right equipment and the right tasks.

Invoice and payroll

Automatically import workers’ pay rates, asset charges, and overhead charges. Integrate with the accounting software you currently use.

Customized reports

Get insights in your operations. Visualize your operation data in a wide variety of reports.

Free to start. More profitable as you grow.

Big or small, we’ve made compliance management and timesheet collection available to all.


Timesheets & Compliance
for small businesses.




All-in-one operations softwarethat grows with your company.



“Switching to Assignar has saved us so much time in our day to day operations. We can keep up to date with compliances and safety standards. We can easily manage all our workforce out in the field and keep track of our assets in real-time which is essential.”

Mateusz Jedruszek – Managing Director, Perfect Hire