Software to manage subcontractors on construction projects

A subcontractor management tool to manage assets, workers and compliance.

Subcontractor management

Update and track suppliers’ compliance. Collect data from subcontractors & gain visibility into activities & performance. Update records for all client and contractor communication, track subcontractor pre-qualifications and licenses.

Schedule and allocate subcontractors

Schedule compliant and available subs to jobs / projects / orders. Using a resource timeline you have complete control over who works on what project.

Collect timesheets

Track billable hours in digital timesheets. Gain instant access to hours worked. Control invoices for accuracy.

Document sharing

Get rid of the site-specific paperwork, Assignar provides version control on shared digital documents. Supply subcontractors with up-to-date documents.

Form collection

Collect any information from site. Build a custom digital form and have your sub contractors complete them. All data is accessible in real-time reports.

Workplace communication

Navigate subcontractors to complete jobs. Notify job changes, request job confirmation, and maintain control.

Quality assurance

Check and track subcontractors’ compliances. With timely alerts, licenses and certificates won’t expire. Export a competency matrix for a quick overview.

Check for assets, machinery and plants

The next time you need machinery you know which subcontractor to call. Allocate your subcontractors’ equipment to jobs instantly.

Track SWMS

Manage SWMS for projects and make sure all subcontractors have submitted their SWMSs.

Improve the way you manage your suppliers & subcontractors

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Improve productivity and efficiency

The Assignar platform helps you manage your business capabilities, schedule your resources, connect with your field teams and track project progress in real-time.


Access and manage your entire workforce and asset data in one place to demonstrate ability to execute


Efficiently assign and co-ordinate the best resources for your project, and manage any issue in real-time


Build a more collaborative and safer work environment


Take control with customisable real-time reporting to monitor, assess and plan your business

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