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Integrate subs into your operations

Make sure your subcontractors operate at the standard you do with Assignar’s subcontractor management software.  

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Track subcontractor compliance

Make sure the entire supply chain is compliant. Track and update all compliance requirements for subcontractors and their staff.

Find the right subcontractor with ease

Keep a record of all subcontractors, and know what equipment they own and operate. Track on which projects they’ve worked and their performance. Next time you need a sub, you know who to call.

Dispatch subs like all other resources

Dispatch compliant and available subs to jobs/projects/orders. Control who works on projects using the scheduling calendar.

Track subcontractors in one place

Store all information, track the jobs they have worked, and the equipment they own and can operate. Keep a journal and segment subcontractors based on skills to schedule and communicate.

Only schedule compliant subcontractors

Stay compliant by scheduling qualified subs to projects. Automatically match skills and requirements to tasks and activities.

Share accountability for expired documents

Assignar sends notifications and alerts once documents, licenses or certificates are due to expire. Send subcontractors a reminder to make sure they update their own documentation.

“In order to grow our business and grow the jobs in our industry, we needed visibility into our current business whilst implementing new processes and systems to confidently bid for bigger projects.”

– Richard, JBG Contracting


Track skills of your subcontractors

Use Assignar to track training progress, and add custom skills/tags to subs. This feature also simplifies scheduling subs for speciality jobs.

Track orientations

Make sure your sub’s workforce has completed orientation for the job you’re scheduling them to.

Send the same subs to the same client

Find all subcontractors that have done work on a certain site or for a certain client. Allocate them to the new job for the same client.

Subcontractor timesheets

Track billable hours in digital timesheets and gain instant access to hours worked. Have control over your invoices for accuracy.

Quality assurance

Check and track subcontractor compliance. With timely alerts, you can stay ahead of license and certificate expirations. Export a competency matrix for a quick overview.

Track safety plans

Manage safety plans for projects and make sure all subcontractors have submitted their safety plans.

Journal and audit trail

All interactions with all subcontractors are automatically stored in Assignar.

Document sharing

Get rid of the site-specific paperwork. Supply your subcontractors with up-to-date documents. Assignar provides version control on shared digital documents.

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