Whiteboard Warriors Adopt Technology

Join us for this interactive webinar with James Ironside, Operations Manager for Deverni. As a smaller organization, James will detail how he runs operations, and his job docket remotely and seamlessly.

DATE: 25th May 2023

TIME: 12:00pm NZST



Optimize Your Scheduling & Reporting:

  • James can work from home, or remote on holiday and still get jobs done
  • Instant Field Photos, Proof of Work, and Documentation for Accurate Reporting

Hear from our customer

James Ironside is the Operations Manager for Deverni. James helped build Deverni when it started back in 2021, and has been in the civil industry for about 20 years.

His experience spans from been involved in motorway projects to commercial/industrial to sub divisions and residential works. His career has progressed from starting out as labour to becoming a machine operator to then running project and managing and pricing projects.