Insights 101

Learn how to make actionable decisions with the data you’re collecting in the field. This introductory session will give you the tools to dip your toes into the world of data analysis using Assignar.

DATE: 2 March 2023

TIME: 11:00am AEDT


Easily get a snapshot of your operations with Dashboards

What is Insights?

You already know that Assignar collects field data, but did you know it can also answer your business questions? Slice-and-dice your data and visualize your operations in a whole new way.

Group 110

What You'll Learn:

  • Use cases for using Data Analytics vs Reporting modules in Insights
  • What business questions do you get daily that you need to answer?
  • The reports you can build by combining data from different sources (allocations and form results)
  • Types of visualizations you can use (table, bar chart, line graphs)
  • Q&A

Become Proactive, Not Reactive

Improve Project Outcomes

Custom Dashboards

Pick and choose the data you want to see and create dashboards that tell a story. Get a snapshot of your business every time you log in.

Expedite Reports

Get the info you need, and share it, on the fly. Drill down into critical information as it comes in - not weeks later - and automate reports.

Automated Alerts

Assignar alerts you when key criteria is met (like equipment hours to schedule maintenance) and triggers workflows from data in the field.

The ability to access, extract, and use the data with Assignar tools saved us about two days of searching for and figuring out how to present the data.

OE_construction_American-flag-e1647993513803 Terri Olson, Owner | CFO