Interested in what Assignar can do?

Join a group demo with construction professionals like yourselves as we take you through the Assignar platform, the easy steps to scheduling, and how it all ends up in the palm of your hands.

DATE: 2x per Month

TIME: 1:00 Eastern

Save Time & Money

With Assignar, you don't need to hire extra people for tedious administrative tasks. Stop chasing timesheets, collect valuable data in the field, and get your people paid faster.

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What We’ll Cover

Fieldworker & Asset Profiles
We’ve built Assignar, so you can start scheduling – fast. We’ll show you how qualifications, documents, and skills attach to your resources, so you can find them in a flash.

The Scheduler
You’ll see your scheduled resources easily on the Timeline view of the Scheduler. We’ll show you how to create work orders from here and what makes Assignar a ‘Role-based Scheduler’.

The Mobile App
Everything you included in the work order populates into the app when your worker is assigned a job! We’ll show you how fieldworkers fill out their time, or how supervisors can fill out time for their whole crew.

Timesheet Review
Back at the office, you can see the status of timesheets in real-time. From this page, it’s easy to export timesheet data into a CSV file for payroll or send it automatically into your ERP and accounting systems.

Then, we’ll take the data we collected in the field, and turn it into valuable reports that you can share. Drop in the data you want to see and visualize it in different ways to understand how you REALLY operate.

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