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Compliance management

Track and report safety incidents, alert workers on safety procedures and provide tips in real-time. Pass ISO audits as a formality, No more last minute stress. Be compliant the whole year round. Automated Document tracking with version control.

Audit, check, inspect, comply and track

Sub and General Contractors use Assignar to manage their compliances

A structural compliance process

Risk & Safety Management Software for construction contractors

Receive compliance alerts

Keep your documents, licenses and certificates current. With fully customizable alerts and reminder you never miss and expiry again.

Real-time updated audit trail

Automatically log incidents. Every action / form submission is automatically tracked in an audit trail.

Compliances and Document management

Pass Iso 45001 / AS/NZS 4801 audits without any hassle. Workers and subcontractors can keep documents current, update certificates and licenses expiries. Export competency matrix in seconds.

Real-time checklist and inspection

Custom forms can be built and collected through the Fieldworker app.

“There’s no excuses for poor communication anymore, making everyone accountable for their documents and expiries. Within minutes, we can send an updated competency matrix to our customers, straight from Assignar.”

– Lee Vossen, CEO – Allroad Group

Compliance done easy.

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