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Superior Traffic Management (STM) uses Assignar to manage their timesheets and payroll efficiently

Traffic Management - QLD

Superior Traffic Management (STM) is an Australian owned and operated company that has provided end to end solutions for the Traffic Management Industry for over 10 years. STM is consistently standing out from their competition by providing personable quality service that sees customers return for business and provide ongoing work throughout the year.

From point solution to comprehensive operations platform

Prior to using Assignar, we used an archaic software that only provided scheduling. It didn’t provide visibility into worker’s tickets and licenses or provide a digital solution for timesheets and payroll. We realised that a point solution was not sufficient to meet our operational needs and we needed a comprehensive solution to make our lives easier with automation. Now we use Assignar in our everyday operations, from start to finish. From when a job happens to when it’s complete. Through this transition, we have been able to save time and money for the business. – Mary, Accounts Officer

Timesheets and payroll

Before implementing Assignar, we used paper timesheets that needed to be physically dropped to our office for processing. This was very time-consuming as we had to wait for the timesheets to be dropped off and then manually enter them into our system for payroll. Now our traffic controllers log onto the Assignar app and submit their timesheets, which includes geolocation and all activities associated with their job allocation. This leads to the biggest feature from Assignar that we are loving at the moment which is the payroll module. This time-saving factor is fantastic, especially with over 80 employees working on any given day.

Our digital timesheets are auto uploaded from Assignar into Xero and we now save 4 hours from our old payroll process of collecting physical timesheets.

SMS and Communication

We did have an SMS system that could contact our staff regarding their shifts but the traffic controllers were unable to text back to the mobile number. Now with the SMS module on Assignar, we can send personalised messages with job allocations and our staff can text back to confirm. Then from an admin dashboard view, we can run a report and have full visibility on who has confirmed and what re-scheduling we need to do for each project.

Fieldworker App

The fieldworker app is really user-friendly and an everyday part of our employees work life. Our staff receive their job allocations, do their stocktake and vehicle checks with digital forms and keep all their licences and tickets on the app. Prior to using Assignar, the tickets and licenses such as white cards and blue cards were physically kept in the office and we needed to cross-check with the office to ensure that licenses were up to date, when scheduling. Now the traffic controller is accountable for updating their tickets and licensing as it’s all kept on the app and there is visibility into expiring licenses.

Implementing Assignar

We introduced Assignar to our team with a company toolbox to explain the app and around 80% of staff got it immediately. For the remainder who needed extra assistance, the supervisors provided one-on-one training. We gave everyone a couple of week’s grace to fully embrace the change.

Now Assignar is the main tool for our employees – from induction to job completion.

– Mary, Superior Traffic Management

Assignar supports Superior Traffic Management (STM) with their Traffic Management operations

The company uses it to manage their timesheets and payroll efficiently at the highest standard.

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