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Simcat Group uses Assignar to improve visibility and communication across their team

Demolition - Australia, VIC

Simcat Group is an industry leader in demolition, strip-out, asbestos and hazardous waste management in Melbourne. Starting off as a family business with 1 truck in the residential sector, they branched out commercially to now own 20 pieces of equipment. With over a decade of experience and strong growth in Melbourne, they have distinguished themselves from their competition by continuously ensuring their customers feel important, no matter how big their company grows.

Family business values continue to be the foundation of our quality service at Simcat group, but operating as a family business proved challenging with our growth. We needed a platform that would assist us in scaling our business across the Victoria region. A demolition company in Sydney actually recommended Assignar to our CEO and we’ve reaped the benefits since.

Moving from paper to digital

Prior to using Assignar, allocation of fieldworkers and equipment was done via a table on a piece of paper. Gradually, we moved to excel sheets and email chains but now with Assignar, we can allocate our workforce efficiently and schedule a compliant crew to each jobsite. On the Assignar app, our fieldworkers are accountable for submitting their timesheets to ensure they get paid and the platform integrates with our accounting software MYOB, creating a seamless payroll process.

Improving communication and visibility

With an operations platform, we have insight into every tip run and every truck and can determine the locations that have heavier waste disposal to allocate our trucks to those areas accordingly.

Assignar has provided a platform to share the knowledge that used to remain at an executive level, especially in waste management.

Communication across our business has improved immensely, as our fieldworkers are able to fill out their site inspection forms as they arrive on site, take photos of any hazards or equipment that looks tampered with and notify the team immediately. – Abbey Carlson, Operations Coordinator

Implementing Assignar

Introducing Assignar to our team has become a staple in the induction of our new truck drivers, plant operators and subcontractors. One on one training with those onboarding with Simcat Group, with an overview of job allocations and timesheets and forms conducted in addition to their initial set up in the office. The Assignar team is great and our Customer Success Manager has been amazing in helping us maximise the functionality of the platform for our business.

Assignar supports Simcat Group with their Demolition operations

The company uses it to improve visibility and communication across their team at the highest standard.

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