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Classic Electric and Consulting uses Assignar to replace point solutions and create data fluidity

Electric - United States, California

Ten years ago, Toby Mitchell set out to build an electrical company based on the need for education and honesty in the industry.

Classic Electric was formed with the mission to be its clients’ resource for all types of electrical and consulting needs.

When Toby founded the company, their entire processes were paper. While he realized that digital tools were able to improve his operations, the market had limited offerings for businesses like his. Instead, his company designed its own tools and worked around the shortcomings of the available legacy systems.

Things were falling through the cracks

With rising labor costs in the industry, we have looked to technology to help us with efficiency, automation, and streamlining our processes. When it came time to tackle our operational challenges, we started an extensive search. It turns out there aren’t many companies that offer an affordable solution that caters to businesses like ours.

Originally, we created our own solutions and round-about ways to tackle the challenges we were facing. At one point, we were using an array of point solutions: a timesheet app, a work order app, and a shared drive to drop photos and notes.

From an administrative perspective, this was a nightmare. Our information was scattered and we needed to track down employees before we would even know where to look for the information we needed.

Things were falling through the cracks even though we had taken steps to avoid precisely that.

“At the end of the day, we couldn’t get a holistic or a good partial snapshot of our business and we were doing all of this manual work.” Zoa Reithofer, Office Manager

We were still in need of a solution that would improve our efficiency and we knew there would be cost savings to go along with it.

We’re reaping the benefits of simplicity

There are so many wins on our end for having chosen Assignar. We have simplified our processes and finding information is so easy! Using forms, we have more complete records than ever before.

“The guys are not good about paperwork. But now, they can’t clock out until they submit the reports that we need from them every day.” Zoa Reithofer, Office Manager

With certain forms tied to their timesheets, we always get the necessary reports and forms from the crews in a timely manner. We even have a form that allows the crews to order materials they need directly from the job site.

We keep finding more ways that Assignar can simplify our jobs. Our team is using forms to track mileage on our vehicles, which saves us time and headaches at the end of the year.

“Assignar can track so many things. It’s honestly wild how much functionality it has.” Zoa Reithofer, Office Manager

Using Assignar, we have consolidated three software platforms into one, which means cost savings for us. It also means fluidity of data and a single place to find everything.

“If we had stayed the same size, we would be saving over $300 each month using Assignar, and that’s not considering productivity gains.” Toby Mitchell, Owner

However, Classic Electric did not stay the same size. We have managed to double the size of our team since implementing Assignar.

It’s all customer service with Assignar

We had met the Assignar team a few months before we decided to initiate a partnership. We like to call it a partnership because that’s what their team makes it feel like. We feel like the team is here to work with us and ensure that we are successful.

“We know we aren’t Assignar’s only customer, but it honestly feels like it!” Zoa Reithofer, Office Manager

Assignar is a versatile platform and when it came time to implement, we weren’t sure where to start. Our Customer Success Manager really worked with us every step of the way to make sure we would get the most out of it. Even now, she continuously works to understand our business and maintain our priorities.

“Our business is evolving, and we feel like Assignar is evolving alongside it.” Toby Mitchell, Owner

Not only are there updates to the platform that really solve the challenges we’re facing, but their team is always receptive to feedback and growth.

We have found that the more we embrace Assignar, the more uses we find for it in our business. The platform tracks so many things that simply save us time and energy.

Assignar supports Classic Electric and Consulting with their Electric operations

The company uses it to replace point solutions and create data fluidity at the highest standard.

Learn how Assignar can improve your operations.

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