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All Types Of Rubbish uses Assignar to meet industry safety and environmental requirements

Demolition and waste removal - Australia, Sydney

About All Types of Rubbish

All types of Rubbish is a demolition and waste removal contractor operating in the greater Sydney region. The company operates with a high attention to environmental and safety regulations and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AU/NZ 4801 certified.

Giving the right tools to the guys out in the field

“Demolition generates waste, noise, and dust which is why environment and safety are very important to us. To operate in the demolition space, you require clear and fast communication between the office and the field. We’ve got all our IMS forms on Assignar, which enable our workers to communicate with the office much faster, we do almost everything digitally now.

“However, sometimes our customers require us to email them pdf forms. The guys can email the forms straight from the site using the fieldworker app. That alone saves us a lot of time in the office.

“Next to that, all our workers have instant access to all safety documents and toolboxes via the app as well. They can complete daily reports including machine and vehicle pre-starts. All their certificates of competencies are available to them at all times. When a client asks for those, they can easily show or send them. It makes our guys (who are the face of the company) look much more professional.” – Greg Tippett

Digital docket collection

“Our Operations Manager has also saved considerable time. The docket collection process from our waste removal trucks is where he has saved us most time. Before Assignar, our drivers needed to pen in the paper dockets and deliver them to the office. With 20 to 40 a day, there were dockets all over the place. As some projects require us to provide monthly waste removal reports, we required a robust system to keep track of all these dockets.

Now with Assignar, our office staff can easily compile a waste removal report from all the dockets that have been submitted via Assignar. We send an accurate waste removal report within 3 to 4 hours, instead of it taking multiple days!” Said Greg.

Gradually rolling Assignar out

“Our guys in the field now prefer the “Assignar method” above the method that was used before. It took some time for everyone to transition to the new processes, but everyone is familiar and we’re slowing adopting more and more features. We will start using the wages and time sheets feature in the very near future, interfacing with our accounting software.

Digital operations are the way forward, and Assignar is a great tool to have.” – Greg Tippett

Assignar supports All Types Of Rubbish with their Demolition and waste removal operations

The company uses it to meet industry safety and environmental requirements at the highest standard.

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