ATC Australian Traffic Control: Getting Rid of Manual Forms

Updated on September 22nd, 2022

About ATC Australian Traffic Control

ATC, located in Lilydale, Victoria supplies traffic management services in the Melbourne area. Due to the demand for quality service in traffic management, ATC has grown considerably. The company expands rapidly as its clients learn that they can rely on ATC for quality staff and first-class work-site management.

Quality and safety forms

“We use 1000s of forms, think of pre-starts, JSA, and job sheets. Before using Assignar, we had to process all those forms manually, and check whether there were actions required for every form handed in. Now, we’ve set form rules in Assignar. Based on the response to certain questions we get notified when there are issues that require action. We no longer have to look at all the forms, only the ones that report an issue.” – Melinda, Operations Manager, ATC

Job allocations and shifts

“Before Assignar, we had a diary software that wasn’t connected to the field in any way. We had to use another software to send job allocations by bulk SMS to communicate with site team leaders. It worked, but now that we have all of this in one platform we automatically keep a record and can contact workers a lot easier. Workers can accept their own shifts through the app. This allows us to reduce the number of SMS we send on a weekly basis.”

Staff inductions

We use Assignar to conduct our staff inductions as well, workers can read the inductions and manuals from the mobile app. They sign off on it in the app as well. We receive a notification and can easily pull a report to see who has read and signed off on the inductions. We don’t need our workers to come into the office as much anymore.”

Business management

“From a business management point of view, Assignar is awesome. The reporting feature is great and compatible with Excel. Assignar collects and keeps all of our business information together. All reports are against users, assets, and documents, which allows us insight into our business with a click of a button, quality management auditors love Assignar. Almost everything in the audit is being answered within Assignar. It works really well to pass audits for our ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certifications.”

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