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A collection of articles covering: Risks in the construction industry

Digital tools can help reducing risk in the construction industry. Risk is usually caused by lack of knowledge. As contractors are using paper based data collection forms. Data is not in real time, making it hard on the industry to make educated data driven decisions. That’s how digital tools like Assignar enable contractors to reduce their risk.

Managing Subcontractors and The Associated Risk

Managing Subcontractors and The Associated Risk

There are many reasons that general contractors turn to specialized subcontractors or independent contractors (IC) for portions of a construction job. Jobs of almost any size, from a home renovation to the construction of a skyscraper or the upgrading of a dam –...
Reducing Risk and Liability of Falls On-The-Job

Reducing Risk and Liability of Falls On-The-Job

The construction industry is the second most dangerous industry for workers in the United States, surpassed only by the logging industry. Of the falls and deaths occurring in the construction industry, nearly a third are caused by falls. While safety training and...

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