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Cloud Based Apps – Tools For Streamlining Construction Operations

Published on November 30, 2017 by Rick Brisse

The Uncomfortable Success of Cloud Based Apps in Modern Construction Operations

Notorious for adopting new technology by the tail rather than the lead, modern construction operations are now set to engage in the uncomfortable success of cloud based apps. Part of the delay comes due to the data management tendency to coin cool terms for basic functions. The Cloud, sometimes assumed as some mystical entity hidden within the Internet, is just another data management tool. Rather than running operations on a local server system, data and the associated data management software resides on various off-site resources.

Changes That Make Cloud Computing Feel Uncomfortable

Even in tech-comfortable office settings, no one likes change. Likewise it is with construction fieldworkers, operators and even leadership. Spreadsheets may be clumsy and awkward, but they do often feel familiar. Documentation via pen-to-paper takes time, but those who use such methods distrust any efforts to diminish this method of control. Communications via courier services, fax machines and personal visits to the office increase construction operation expenses, but they yet remain familiar and trusted processes of operations. And even those who continue to manually input workforce time keeping, payroll, invoicing and equipment maintenance data into a personal office computer have a measure of uncomfortable resistance to cloud based apps.

Changes That Make Cloud Computing Successful

In modern construction operations, even the basic labor force tends to enjoy the benefits of mobile technology – often at their personal expense. The core for remote communication is already established. Yet, sadly, many construction contractors fail to take advantage of the opportunities. But why not shift from personal application to corporation application?

It’s about connectivity from location to location rather than a connectivity that is location limited. And it is about automated data accumulation and distribution. Cloud based construction operations offers contractors:

  • Reliable real-time tracking of workforce, assets and materials
  • Automated quality control management
  • Improved productivity
  • Real-time communications
  • Simplified toolbox talks
  • QA data capture and document storage in a single easily accessible storage base
  • Tools for enhanced allocation and scheduling of available compliant workers and projects
  • Compiled reports on equipment fleet, scheduled maintenance reports and collectable machine pre-starts and more
  • Visualized data analysis
  • Automated subcontractor management, including qualifications, payments and compliance
  • AND standardized workflows with structure operations that help you achieve better ROI results.

Construction Operations – Implementing Cloud Based Apps

Rather than seeing cloud based apps as a remote system for data storage, recognize the Cloud as a construction operations support solution. It’s software that enables information exchange when and where needed on a real-time schedule.

Efficient cloud based apps also enable management to regulate information access and information modifications. Keep the details focused on job-sensitive communications. Restrict and release as necessitated by the project and the associated employee.

The Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning software makes conversion to a Cloud centered operations management system straightforward, easy to apply, and simple to implement. With Assignar, Cloud solutions are about:

  • Standardized operations
  • Improved productivity
  • Real-time communication
  • Workplace safety
  • AND A more reliable overall system.

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