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Construction asset maintenance

Implement a Management System. (ISO 55000, 55001 & 55002)

This Ebook covers:

How to implement an asset management system using cloud based technology according to the ISO 55000 standard. With this standard you’ll gain the following business benefits.

Managed risk

Reducing financial losses, improving health and safety, good-will and reputation, minimizing environmental and social impact, can result in reduced liabilities such as insurance premiums, fines and penalties;

Improved services and outputs

Assuring the performance of assets can lead to improved services or products that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders;

Demonstrated compliance

Transparently conforming with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adhering to asset management standards, policies and processes, can enable demonstration of compliance;

Improved organizational sustainability

Effectively managing short and long-term effects, expenditures and performance, can improve the sustainability of operations and the organization;

Improved efficiency and effectiveness

Reviewing and improving processes, procedures and asset performance can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and the achievement of organizational objectives.

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