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Reduce phone calls

With automatic job confirmations and all project forms and documents available in the fieldworker app, you reduce phone calls to a minimum.

Avoid costly errors

Avoid costly errors with short communication lines. Easier communication for office and field results in faster corrective action before problems grow in complexity and costs.

Impress your customers

Speed up data collection and reporting to share information from site with your customers. Answer important questions within the day instead of taking weeks to process information.

Policies and documents readily available on site

Share traffic plans, safety policies, permits, drawings, and BIM360 docs with superintendents and crews on the job site. All information required can be found in the fieldworker app.

Receive shift confirmations, no phone calls required

Save on your phone bill with automatic shift confirmation. Schedule workers to jobs and notify them about upcoming jobs from the same screen. When workers confirm the job through the mobile app, the scheduling calendar updates automatically.

Reach crews with templates and alerts

Group field crews the way you want, and set templates for SMS and emails. Send project-related alerts and documents to your crews with a few clicks.

“Assignar makes us a team again. We’re no longer individuals at different sites, we can be all on the same page, at the same time and be organised across the board”

– Lisa, Fluren


Two-way bulk SMS

Send a group of people multiple personalised SMS in one go. Receive, track and manage all replies in Assignar.

Track communication

All communication with fieldworkers is automatically logged.

Custom tagging

Segment workers and crews the way you want. Then reach out.


Save your most used messages as a template including dynamic personalised fields.

BIM 360 integration

Share BIM 360 docs via Assignar’s fieldworker app.

Project contact and instructions

Show the project contact an entrance instruction in the fieldworker app.

Directions to job site

Make sure your crews know where the jobs are. Navigate them to the address and correct site entrance.

Custom forms

Collect any information you need from the site by requesting it in a form for the mobile app.

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