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The Importance of Keeping Track of Your Asset’s Maintenance

Equipment is a substantial outlay for many construction companies. Idle equipment is a waste of your company money, equipment sent to the wrong location is too, and so is equipment forced to quit because of mechanical issues that could have been prevented by a robust equipment maintenance program.

Assignar is a construction software provider that is cloud-based. It can help reduce the frustration you may have from the issues described above.

Here is how scheduling software can help.

Assignar differentiates itself by keeping track of Assets through telemetry and performance metrics of the following for each piece of equipment

  • Number of hours used – this is important for tracking actual equipment use rather than mileage for maintenance purposes. This information also is important when invoicing clients for equipment use.
  • Time Equipment is Not Used – is an indicator of underutilized equipment and its assigned staff on job sites.
  • Fuel usage recording – unusually high fuel consumption may indicate too much idling or a potential breakdown of the equipment.
  • Equipment location – Always know where your equipment is and where it is moved to. Frequent equipment across a construction site should give management the information needed to help decide if efficiency will go up and costs down by acquiring an additional unit.

Assignar also is useful in the event of an injury or death involving a piece of construction equipment. It tells investigators the entire maintenance record of the equipment from the time it was put into service until the accident. Even though a complete maintenance history will not prove the equipment did not malfunction, it does prove that your company followed best practices for equipment maintenance.

Another use for the records assembled and stored in the cloud by Assignar is showing an equipment manufacturer that proper maintenance was performed during the warranty period if the equipment breaks down and needs warranty repair.

In short, Assignar allows you to manage and track your machinery, while remaining compliant. To learn how Assignar can help your construction operation team., request a 30-minute personal demo.

To help you manage your equipment, download our e-book called Construction Asset Maintenance.


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