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25+ Aussie traffic management contractors can’t be wrong about worksite digitisation

Published on April 17, 2019 by Angelica Manlangit

With Australia’s infrastructure projects set to grow rapidly over the next 5 years, the need for quality traffic management is following. Hiring, training and allocating compliant traffic controllers will be the key to success for traffic management businesses. But are you using the right systems to keep up with your growth? And with the current competition between traffic management businesses, how does your business measure up and differ in delivering quality service, efficiency and safety?

As compliance and safety requirements are increasing, conveying the right information to and from the field has become more complex. Which is why many contractors across Australia are embracing jobsite digitisation and utilise the power of operations software.

Operations software with field mobility functionality allows operations managers as well as traffic controllers to manage all paperwork digitally. The most up to date traffic management plans and safety policies are being shared instantly. Digital form dockets and timesheets are collected and processed in real-time.

By digitising the operations process, traffic contractors have been able to significantly reduce overhead costs while improving safety and their overall service level. As service and safety are increasingly playing a more important role in winning jobs, having the right operations process backed by software is vital to stay relevant in the traffic management industry.

Assignar is a complete operations system for the traffic management industry in Australia. With over 25 traffic management businesses running their operations using Assignar and our Fieldworker app. In working with our customers we have gained in-depth knowledge of the challenges the traffic management industry faces in 2019. Learn how Assignar can help you become more efficient, productive and profitable by contacting our team.


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