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Swilly Traffic Solutions uses Assignar to grow their business interstate

Traffic Management - Australia, NSW

Swilly Traffic is a highly experienced traffic management company specialising in work across telecommunication, aerials and civil, on projects with LendLease, Twin Connect, Mathias Excavations, Belden Communications and Ollicina just to name a few. Swilly differentiates itself from their competition as their owner and director, Nicole Farren was in the field as a traffic controller prior to starting Swilly Traffic.

“As I was a traffic controller, I know the inner workings, challenges and operations of the role. This is a huge advantage to our customers as this field experience strengthens the management of our crew of over 30 traffic controllers. Furthermore, as a smaller company, we don’t operate as a corporate machine, we run like a little family. All our management are on call 24/7 allowing us to deliver a fast response time for our customers.” – Nicole Farren, Director

Building an in-house solution vs Assignar

Prior to finding Assignar, we tried building our own in-house solution with multiple tablets and Google drives to share important site documents. It was very hard work and when we stumbled upon Assignar we were halfway through setting up all the tablets. Once we saw the power of a solution built by the industry for the industry, we ceased building our own solution and implemented Assignar. I was instantaneously excited when I was first shown how Assignar functions and how it could benefit me and my staff.

Important Site Documents are now digital

Having all our important site documents such as SWMS, WHS Policies and Procedures, ROLs and TCPs on Assignar is brilliant. Prior to implementing Assignar, we were constantly going back and forth between Google drives and different tablets to ensure the right information was with the right crew.

Now, we don’t have to worry about following up on paper WHS and site inspection forms and checking our traffic controllers’ competencies and inductions for each job. All our crew and individual job information is digitally stored on Assignar. Since onboarding Assignar with our team, we feel more confident that our traffic controllers have all the information they need before they arrive at the job site. Our crew have a great visual of what crew they are with, where they are going, what the job entails and what corresponding docs are needed to safely get the job done.

Assignar and our team

With the support of our Customer Success Manager, we were able to implement Assignar in easy segments. This was hugely beneficial so that our internal champions could learn each module and implement it via toolbox talks and 1 on 1 training with traffic controllers, to reap the full benefits of the platform. The team has really embraced this change and the real-time live data getting back to management has decreased our workload substantially. Leaving us with more time to develop other aspects of the business.

Interstate Growth

As the owner of a small company, like most other business owners, I was doing multiple roles in the business – director, account, payroll, allocator, marketing and business development manager. Upholding these many roles was challenging as my focus could get stuck in the day to day operations. But now with Assignar, I have the time to think and execute a bigger picture strategy. I now have the ability to concentrate on other activities that will grow our business.

“With Assignar as a staple in our current business operations in Sydney, we have the confidence and time to expand our business interstate to Queensland and Victoria.”

Assignar supports Swilly Traffic Solutions with their Traffic Management operations

The company uses it to grow their business interstate at the highest standard.

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