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Infraworks Plumbing uses Assignar to win a contract with Sydney Water.

Plumbing - Australia, NSW

Infraworks Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing contractor, who has been using Assignar for 2 years. Recently, with the help of Assignar, the company has won one of their biggest projects with Sydney Water.

Winning big projects with Assignar

“Using Assignar has definitely played a part in us winning the project. Compared to Sydney Water we are a small operation, but we were able to impress them with the professionalism we operate with. The way we handle documents, timesheets, safety and job progress tracking through Assignar was a huge selling point.

“By using Assignar, we are able to invoice accurately and easily handle information that we receive from the field. This not only creates clarity and visibility for us,
but for Sydney Water as well.

Clarity and accurate margin estimates

“Our timesheets come with actual timestamps and geolocation. This clarity allows to charge the right amount of billable hours, keeping our margin estimates accurate, and our customers pay for what they actually received in work.

“Assignar assisted us and gave us the opportunity to document work progress. Assignar is a sign that you operate with the highest quality. It’s a great way to allocate work orders to the guys. All job information and allocations go through Assignar, and it’s enough to keep them busy, without too many questions. I can track job progression and where people are at all time.

“Since winning the Sydney Water project we were able to hire an admin person. She is doing the allocations and invoicing through job completion forms in Assignar. Once our guys finish a job, they fill out the digital job completion form, which automatically generates an invoice to send out.

“Before we used a calendar diary app, my calendar was shared through icloud, and I would receive text messages with pictures of the completed job. It took a lot of time to process all of that.

We keep impressing customers

“Now, from an admin perspective, no information goes missing, every form/timesheet is easy to retrieve. With Assignar we’ve improved our overall operations while making it easier to manage, and impress our customers.” – Matt Bampton – CEO, Infrawork Plumbing

Assignar supports Infraworks Plumbing with their Plumbing operations

The company uses it to win a contract with Sydney Water. at the highest standard.

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