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Fluren uses Assignar to connect their team across multiple sites

Civil and mining - Australia, NSW

Fluren is a family owned and operated business that specialises in the Civil and Mining sector. Since its establishment in 1989, it has grown from operating with 1 backhoe to now operating over 100 pieces of equipment. Their never say no attitude, great team and determination to deliver on all jobs with quality work has been rewarded with repeat business and requests to tender for major general contractors in the industry.

“With Assignar we have saved $10,000 a year by no longer printing job sheets, timesheets, and PO books as it’s now all easily accessible on the app”.

Going paperless with Assignar

Before Assignar, everything was paper-based. As our team is vastly spread out across NSW, the distance made it difficult for employees to submit their paperwork and access forms easily and quickly. Now, all employees use their mobile phones to access their pre-start and audit checklist forms and submit their timesheets and job sheets at the end of their shift within minutes.

“Approving and processing timesheets from jobsite to payroll and accounts in the office has been reduced from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 days.”

Time-savings with timesheets

Our fieldworkers are now responsible for submitting their timesheets via the Assignar app which connects back to our office and saves our Admin team and Supervisors valuable time by not having to chase up missing documents, creating a smoother workflow for all departments.

Visibility of equipment and fieldworker compliance

Assignar assists our business by providing visibility into the allocation of our equipment and competencies of our team. We have fewer allocation errors due to the visibility Assignar has provided from the access our supervisors have via the app on their phones and IPads. We can also now track employees’ competencies and inductions easily. Before Assignar, supervisors would have to call the office and have staff check the register to check field worker competencies. Now, it is all just a click away on the Assignar app.

Introducing Assignar to our team

Implementing was challenging at first but we had to do it to move forward and grow our business. Some of our employees who thought they were not tech savvy were a little intimidated by using an app for what used to be paperwork but with 1 on 1 training and on-site workshops, we were able to get all 60 of our fieldworkers onboard. Working with Assignar during our implementation process has been great, our Customer Success Manager has been amazing with her patience and assistance in helping us really learn Assignar’s features and capabilities. We are constantly learning and we will only improve as we get better at navigating the dashboard to help us maximise the benefits of the Assignar platform.

“Assignar makes us a team again. We’re no longer individuals at different sites, we can be all on the same page, at the same time and be organised across the board”

With Assignar connecting us as a team, we have been able to tender and win projects out of our area. We now have the potential to open an office in other regions without the massive overheads – All we need is someone with a laptop and an iPad and they will have full access to all documentation and be connected with the head office in Newcastle.

“We’re growing bigger and better with Assignar”

– Lisa Langlands, Business Development Manager

Assignar supports Fluren with their Civil and mining operations

The company uses it to connect their team across multiple sites at the highest standard.

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