Operational excellence to business development success

Many sub and self-perform businesses are still bogged down in administrative activities. Despite hiring more admin staff, the workload remains largely manual and data is siloed across paper, excel sheets and phone calls.
Implementing a digital system to connect their data has been successful in combating cumbersome administrative tasks. With the time and money saved through using a systemized approach, sub and self-perform contractors are able to maximize the data in their digital system to grow their business.

The true cost of administrative activities

We had a chat with some of our Assignar customers to understand the true costs of administrative activities within the industry.
SPR Traffic Services LP (SPR) highlights, “we have managed to reduce our costs in several aspects of our business. Looking at Accounts Payable alone, we are saving about 3 hours per week, which amounts to nearly a full working month per year”
In addition, Eric Gillis from Duron Atlantic spoke of the impact digitizing payroll had on the business, “we can already account for $25k in savings on payroll alone each year. This isn’t even considering the cost savings tied to employee travel time back to the office.” – Eric Gillis, Operations Manager.”
Through implementing digital systems, sub and self-perform contractors are saving time and money. Consequently, business owners are able to focus their efforts on more business development activities as opposed to daily operational tasks.

Data insights into business growth

With so much data easily accessible in one place, harnessing operational data to make strong business development decisions is an excellent opportunity for growth.
For instance, when you create an orders dashboard you can drill down and see your top clients and build a case towards being a preferred supplier. This rapport can be supported with data. For example, a dashboard that included:
– Projects completed
– Hours worked
– Safety forms submitted
– Time completed for a project
Furthermore, in Operational Intelligence you can see where your jobs are located on a heatmap. If the business is growing and you are looking to move to a bigger yard, you can analyze the data and see where the majority of your jobs are located and potentially relocate to a central location that cuts down on travel times to jobs.

In today’s competitive environment, outshining competitors is key to winning more work. At Assignar, we are seeing more and more customers require a digitized system in their tenders. This can sit under processes and systems, innovations, or safety. Showcasing an innovative solution with key metrics can be a powerful tool to set yourself apart from your competition such as:
– X amount of projects completed in a year
– X fieldworkers
– X assets

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